For many managers, regular 1:1 meetings (also known as “check-ins” or “jour fixe”) are an important routine. You meet a member of your team, discuss latest progress and next steps in your common projects, and maybe current roadblocks. These meetings are widely used by top managers in successful companies – they create alignment, help to surface problems and provide a way to actively coach your team.

And yet, they are often highly dysfunctional. Things to talk about accumulate in hectic day-to-day business and it’s often hard to remember everything in the meeting. As a result, your agenda can be unstructured and incomplete – and you’re wasting valuable time. More often than not, people also forget to adequately summarize the results and create actionable follow-ups – squandering a chance to create better alignment.

That’s why we’re very excited to launch a feature to have better 1:1 meetings on Leapsome, our platform to build better teams. It allows you to easily collect “talking points” and shape your agenda throughout the week. These talking points can be either private or shared, so you can start creating alignment even before the meeting. Before the meeting, we’ll email you (and your counterpart) a nicely drafted meeting agenda. During the meeting, you can tick off completed items and briefly summarize the meeting outcome from your perspective. And of course, you can revisit previous meetings to see what was discussed and agreed on.

We know you’re busy so you don’t even have to log in to Leapsome to do these things. Just use our new Gmail add-on to add talking points in seconds. And if you’re using Slack, that works, too. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback!

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