At Leapsome, we believe that people are at the core of every successful business.

In line with that belief, we’ve set out to help companies build more feedback- and learning-oriented cultures. We started with ongoing feedback between employees, added smart 360° performance reviews to free up time for strategic initiatives, included modules for 1:1 meetings and goal / OKR tracking to foster alignment and tied it all together with our Gmail, Slack and HRIS integrations.

All of these modules focus on the individual employees and managers and help them become more successful in their roles. We’re very happy to announce our latest addition to our platform – employee engagement surveys – which focuses on the organizational layer.

At times of rapid technological change in the workplace, measuring the pulse of your company in a structured way is critical to retain top talent and remain competitive. Regular, anonymous engagement surveys with a scientifically backed question catalogue help you understand the strengths and weak spots of your company. Among other things, they tell you how to increase the productivity (and happiness) of your workforce, how to increase internal alignment and how to speed up innovation initiatives.

For Leapsome, these are exciting times: By implementing engagement surveys, we’ve now become an all-in-one platform for all strategic HR focus areas. All modules can be combined flexibly and you can start by using one module and enabling others later on. But no matter whether you want to foster continuous feedback, implement OKRs and consistent 1:1 meetings, run smart performance reviews or measure the pulse of your company – Leapsome will have you covered.

For our users, this has three obvious advantages:

  • Reduce “tool fatigue”: Instead of using “yet another tool” for each process, simply enable the modules you need (and our Slack & Gmail integrations) to reduce implementation effort and headaches.
  • Accelerate cultural change: By enabling your employees to cover all these scenarios in a single platform, using one feature reinforces the use of all others – and accelerates your company’s change towards a more feedback-driven culture.
  • Make better decisions: By collecting all information in one platform, the analytical insights you can draw from it grow significantly stronger, enabling you to make better business decisions.

As always, we’re very much looking forward to your feedback!

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