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Modules used: 360° Reviews, Engagement Surveys, Continuous Feedback

Amanda, could you briefly introduce JUNIQE and your role?

JUNIQE is a lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, home accessories, stationery, and gifts. We are a fast-growing company and have raised about 21 million Euros in venture capital. We just celebrated our fourth birthday.

My team and I are in charge of all things related to HR. Our key priorities are to ensure that we attract, develop and retain our great “JUNIQorns”. That’s how we like to call ourselves. We want our JUNIQorns to be the happiest they can be at work.

Why did you start using Leapsome?

As we grew as a company, our focus shifted from recruiting to developing people and fine-tuning our company culture. Within my first six months, we doubled the headcount. We continue to grow fast and our people need to develop and adapt equally fast to cope with the changing requirements of their roles. We want everyone to continuously excel at what they do and feel great about what they contribute to JUNIQE’s success. What’s important to me is that we create and maintain a collaborative culture of learning in which people feel enabled and enable each other to do their best every day. We want everyone to be engaged and happy at work. I believe it’s our job to give them the right tools and the space so they can achieve that.

To drive people development at JUNIQE, we started by establishing regular performance review and development talks. Making it a full 360° feedback, complemented by bottom-up feedback, and linking the reviews to JUNIQE’s core values has proven to be the best setup for us.

We started off with a very makeshift process based on Google Forms but quickly realized this just wasn’t scalable (or much fun in terms of administrative work) –  managers spent a lot of time administering the review process, collecting reviews from different peers and sending out reminders. This wore down managers’ motivation to drive the process. The entire HR team was virtually on hold twice a year, busy helping managers running the review process with their teams. From an administrative perspective, the status of the process across the company was somewhat of a black box – there was no simple way of knowing the overall status of the process across different teams.

Luckily, we then decided to implement Leapsome. We are now running the entire performance review and development talk process via Leapsome. Instead of fighting with the process, managers can now focus 100% on writing meaningful reviews and holding effective feedback sessions. For our HR team, the administrative work has also been reduced by at least 90%. The process is very easy to set up and we always have a clear, transparent overview where everything stands. We don’t even have to send out reminders as all of that is automatically done by the platform. It makes all our lives that much easier and the entire review process more transparent, efficient and valuable.

Now that we’ve completed our first round of reviews with Leapsome, we’ve gathered a lot of positive feedback. People like that we are focussed on professionalising our feedback culture and that the platform helps us to foster even more transparency, honesty and constructive criticism. It enables us to gather both qualitative and quantitative insights, something that we never had before. The framework that we customized to our company values and competencies offers everyone a lot of guidance and enables them to be specific in their feedback which ultimately moves everyone into an even stronger learning mindset.

We got started with Leapsome’s review module as we had the biggest immediate need there. We are now rolling out the continuous feedback and engagement survey modules. I’m personally really excited about both.

Why do you think it is worth investing in Leapsome?

It is very important for JUNIQE to attract and retain top employees and maintain an engaging company culture – and we’ve seen the competition for the best people accelerate over the last years. It’s more important than ever to continuously develop and engage our JUNIQorns to achieve greater things, which has a direct effect on our growth and profitability.

What do you like most about Leapsome?

  • The massive boost in the quality of feedback it generated at JUNIQE.
  • The ease of doing effective reviews (and time saved while doing so).
  • The amazing customer service and responsiveness of the Leapsome team!

What is your final recommendation to others considering to implement Leapsome?

I am convinced Leapsome is absolutely indispensable for fast growing companies, where people need to develop fast and you want them to stay engaged. Retrospectively I would have implemented it much earlier and not wasted time and resources on tedious Google Forms-driven processes.

I also love the Leapsome team’s openness to feedback. It’s very cool to see how serious they take customer suggestions and how flexible they are in optimising features. True feedback souls!

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